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How to grow your plumbing business virally!


So you’ve made a sale. Fantastic!
Now what? You’re not simply going to offer your new customer an item and let them walk away, are you?

When you’re marketing on tight budget plan, not! You now have to utilize the customer in front of you to build your organisation, and you do that with an effective referral program.
Recommendations work.

Word of mouth advertising is still the most effective kind of advertising available, and it’s getting ever MORE effective in 2004. The biggest business in this country have actually cut their advertising budget plans over the last 10 years and directed that money towards generating positive PR and recommendation of mouth (a.k.a. “buzz”) for their items. (Most marketing people who are paid to offer and buy marketing would rather you didn’t understand that, however it’s a proven truth).

How do you develop a successful word of mouth program for your business?
Simply ask.

Offer your clients a discount on their next purchase if they refer a new client to you. Well I say you make damn sure your consumer understands before they leave your shop or your website that you want their business, and you desire them to talk about your item or service to their buddies.
Think of your regional mechanic. They might have pointed out to you eventually that if you refer a friend, they’ll provide a little discount rate next time around. They could do much better than that, couldn’t they?

If I owned a garage (and think me I never will since I can hardly hold a wrench let alone use one), I ‘d make sure that after every deal I informed my consumers that if they refer a client to me, and that client brings their vehicle in for any kind of repair work at all, I ‘d give them a totally free lube oil and filter on their next check out. If you were in the vehicle repair organisation, would not you buy a new consumer for $10!?! The same logic applies to online sales or any other retail design you can think of.

Just provide your client a reason to make the recommendation. Deliver excellent service, charge a fair rate, and make it worth their while to send out a friend your way. (By the way, the referral program likewise helps to bring the initial customer back in to get their free oil change, so it’s really like getting 2 follow up check outs from just one referral.).
What about the pipes service? Here’s a test for you. Call 2 plumbers in your location.

I’ll wait.
Could not do it, could you? A lot of plumbings are independent businessmen and ladies. They don’t have big marketing budget plans, and they only service an area. You can envision that a plumbing, who sees 4 or 5 or perhaps 6 clients a day would be well served by providing a referral program. Turn those 6 customers into 12 by having them each refer a good friend who has a plumbing problem.

You only call a plumbing when you need one, so what good is a 10% discount rate off your next plumbing task? How would a plumbing come up with a referral program?
I’m no plumbing, but here’s my concept. The faucet will not cost a plumbing professional much, because he’s got the within track on offers in the industry. Do that for a couple of years and see your business grow significantly.

In small business you can’t outspend your competitors but you can outsell them by employing your own consumers as your sales force utilizing a recommendation of mouth referral program. With nearly no in advance expense and a big prospective advantage, it’s well worth the time purchased developing a great referral program for your organisation.

Offer your consumers a discount rate on their next purchase if they refer a new client to you. Well I say you make damn sure your client knows before they leave your shop or your website that you want their organisation, and you desire them to talk about your product or service to their good friends.

If I owned a garage (and think me I never will due to the fact that I can hardly hold a wrench let alone utilize one), I ‘d make sure that after every transaction I informed my customers that if they refer a customer to me, and that customer brings their cars and truck in for any kind of repair work at all, I ‘d offer them a complimentary lube oil and filter on their next check out. Just offer your customer a reason to make the referral.

(By the method, the recommendation program also helps to bring the initial client back in to get their totally free oil change, so it’s truly like getting 2 follow up sees from just one referral.).

Flush-It Septic Energizer


If you have spent any time searching the internet for a septic tank cleaner or a sewer treatment chances are you have come across the Flush-It brand.  We wanted to review the product, as it seemed as though it was surfacing on a number of websites related to the industry.  If it was gathering that type of attention it certainly warrants a review on this website as well.

Our first indication that something was unusual about this septic treatment was discovered through a simple search of the product on Google ( ydravlikos ).  What we found was that it seems that Flush-It is either available in a number of places or through a number of websites.  Perhaps we are just limited in our internet knowledge but we wanted to make sure we purchased the official “flush-it” and not some knock off brand.  

While none of that speaks directly to the quality of the septic treatment itself.  It does mean that finding and trusting the source of this septic treatment may be difficult for ordinary homeowners like yourself.

While it took us a while to find the right website, and the website that had the lowest prices (strangely the prices seem to vary depending on which website you are on).  The website was fairly straightforward.  There was not alot of additional information available other than other products.  For the price, we were hopeful Flush-It would contain enough bacteria and enzymes to jump start our failing system.

The results we achieved were somewhat limited.  We are not saying that Flush it did not work, it did, but there are probably stronger options out there if you have a more severe septic problem.  By itself, Flush-It could be counted on to treat and maintain a new septic system that is less than 2 years old and has never displayed any signs of trouble.  But if your septic tank or sewer system is already showing some symptoms, this treatment simply is not strong enough by itself to do the job.

Overall, this was not the best septic treatment we have ever seen being sold on the market, but then again it certainly wasn’t worst either. Septic System failure is not something to be messed around with.  The cost of replacing it is far greater than most can even imagine.  Do not trust your home and tens of thousands of dollars to just anyone.  Be sure that the septic treatment you choose is designed for and powerful enough for your specific needs.

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