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9 tricks to discuss sex life with your partner

For some reason, it is scary when we tell our partner what we want to change, try or stop in our sex life. According to Athens Escorts  and Dr. Mimi Sagaga, a licensed clinical psychologist, it is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable at first. ” Sex can be considered a taboo subject for many. Often this is related to the way we were told or not about sex in our childhood or in the family . “It can also be a sensitive issue if one has insecurities about our sexuality or body image.”

But let us not be afraid, as there are ways to talk about sex with our partner and have a conversation without obstacles. Below we present some tips to start the discussion and have the best sex of our lives.

 Let’s choose a specific time when we will be calm and relaxed

Clinical psychologist and sex expert Eliza Bokuin explains on The ylson.nett hat the environment in which we talk to our partner about sex is very important. Let’s not try to talk to them during or after sex , as this is the time when we are most vulnerable and could say something that takes the wrong turn. Let’s make sure we talk to them when we’re both calm and there are no other distractions. “Let’s create some free time and ask our partner first: I wanted to talk to you about some ways I would like to explore sex life. “Is this a good time?” Says Boquin.

What can we say

In case we are unsure about how to approach the discussion, Bokuin provides some easy tips to start the conversation.

  • “How do you feel about your sex life during this time?”
  • “How much pleasure do you have from sex life?”
  • “What do you like most about your sex life?”
  • “Is there anything you are afraid to share about sexual desires?” “What was your biggest fear of my response?”
  • “I really like it when _____ during sex”
  • “There are some things I would like to explore with you. “Is it okay if I tell you?”
  • “Is there anything you would like me to do more in sex?”
  • “Have you ever felt ashamed of having sex with me?”
  • “How could I make a free sex conversation with you safer?”

Bokun explains that it is important to understand that the partner does not feel attacked and the easiest way to do this is to remind him of the beautiful things he does. Let’s prepare the ground by discussing the sex life habits we love and want to pursue, and then move the discussion to what we want to change. ” It is important to communicate with our partner what we like and what we do not like . “And while this may be a difficult discussion, the right partner will be open and responsive to that discussion,” said Dr. Sangaga.

How to discuss what we want to change

If we feel that needs are not being met, a discussion about what we want is important. According to Bowkin, we must first recognize the needs that are not being met and stick to them resolutely . For example, the partner ends before he “allows” us to orgasm and assumes that the sex is over after that. The choices are endless and nothing is trivial or too important to discuss with the person having sex.

The expert suggests asking the partner if it is okay to hear some comments and if they say “yes”, then we have it. We need to be honest in advance about what we lack in sex.
There is a possibility that the partner may not be able to meet the needs and this does not mean that we need to “leave the ship” completely. “Their limits may not be in line with our wishes. “What can help there is sex therapy, because a sex therapist can help fill those gaps in desire.”


How to increase the speed of your website?

Have you thought of possible ways to increase the speed of your website by changing web hosting company? Wondering why your site takes more than 1 second to load? After a little research, we came to the conclusion that this small delay can significantly damage your website and in fact in three different ways.

A slow site presents:

  • 11% less traffic
  • 16% more dissatisfied customers
  • 7% less conversion rate

But the results do not stop here! The speed factor is much more important than you think. Today, the familiar internet users take it for granted that all pages take at least 2-3 seconds to appear. This means that if a website loads slowly, it automatically loses its credibility.

If you are looking for smart tips and ways to keep your visitors happy, all you have to do is keep reading. In this article we have put together 10 tried and tested ways to instantly increase the speed of your website.

Restrict HTTP Requests

Most of the total load time of a page concerns the different elements of which it consists: the images, the Style Sheets (CSS), the Scripts, etc. Each of these elements has its own HTTP Request, so the more The more items you add to a page, the longer it takes to load.

The fastest way to instantly increase the speed of your website is by simplifying its design:

  • Include only the necessary information on your site.
  • Use CSS instead of images where possible.
  • Combine more CSS into one file.
  • Reduce scripts and place them at the bottom of the page.
  • Compress the content of your page

Most of the time the pages that consist of quality content exceed 100kb. This size makes them slow and therefore tedious for the user, who eventually abandons them. The best way to instantly increase the speed of your page is by compressing its content. A compressed page automatically reduces the time it takes to load by 70%!

Most servers can compress files before sending them for download. Enable mod_deflate in Apache, HttpGzipModule in Nginx, and Configure HTTP Compression in IIS.

Enable browser caching

The first time you visit your page, you should download the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files and, finally, the images before you start browsing. The data is stored on the hard disk, in a temporary memory, so that in future visits the browser can load the page, without having to send new HTTP Requests to the server. This process is called browser caching.

Remember that 40-60% of visitors come with an empty cache. So, make sure your site is fast enough for those who visit you for the first time, but also for their next visits!

Reduce resources

Another way to increase the speed of your website is the following. WYSIWYG editor can be useful enough to build a page, but sometimes it creates a “messy” code that slows it down. So as a small piece of code can increase the size of a page, it is important to narrow the gaps so that the pages are as fast as possible.

Customize site images

To improve the speed of your site, you need to do proper image optimization. Therefore, emphasize two factors: the size and the type of file. The size of an image can significantly slow down the loading of the page. For this reason, it is important to keep your images as small as possible and to cut them to the right size. For example, if your page is 570px wide, you will need to adjust the images to that size.

In terms of file type, JPEG images are the best choice. Also, a very good alternative is PNG images, with the exception that older browsers may not fully support them. Use programs like Photoshop or Illustrator to optimize your images before uploading them to the server.

Limit the use of redirects

Redirects create additional HTTP requests, so they also affect the upload speed. Therefore, as much as you can, keep their number limited, to increase the speed of your website!

Reduce server response time

Set a basic principle on your page, the server response time should never exceed 200ms (milliseconds). If you take advantage of all the above tips, you are on a very good path.

Prioritize the top of the page

Another useful tip to increase the speed of your website, is to give priority to the top of your site. The secret to improving the user experience is by making the content at the top of your page faster. When a website loads gradually, that is, it reveals first the simple information and then the complex one, then it manages to make the user look forward to seeing your content complete. So give priority to the top of your pages, gaining more visitors.

Limit the use of plugins

Extensive use of plugins makes your site slower. This is because they often create security issues and other technical issues that affect the speed of the site.

Start disabling unnecessary plugins! Next, check the performance of your server. This way, you will specifically identify which plugins are slowing down your page.

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Fall Home Improvement Trends – House Doctors Handyman Service

It is in no way too early to commence your slide household enhancements for the vacations. To commence, build a warm and cozy place, and from there you can extend your initiatives. It can be as easy as transforming the wall colour of your residing room, transferring household furniture all-around, creating ambiance with out of doors lights, or getting a fireplace. Making your guests really feel welcomed this drop is basic with these elegant house advancement tendencies. 

Earthy Tones

Fall Home Improvement Trends - House Doctors Handyman Service

Typical hues for the drop are usually orange, crimson, and yellow. Add sophistication to your home with warm, richer tones these kinds of as deep greens, blues, and browns alternatively. These colours incorporate character to any house without the need of overpowering it. Though these earthy tones are nontraditional for the fall period, they will bring warmth into any room and make your property a lot more inviting just in time for the holiday seasons.

If you’re not inclined to commit to these richer tones, experiment by mixing a single or two of these shades into your palette. Basically layer in a handful of abundant navy blue pillows or line your eating space table with a forest environmentally friendly runner. These straightforward additions will established off the rest of your classic slide shades. 

Entertaining-Ready Areas

fall kitchen









With the holiday seasons swiftly approaching, welcome family members back again into your property with entertaining-ready spaces. As you put together your dwelling to entertain once again, focus on the kitchen, eating space, and residing locations this 12 months. It is important to give by yourself and your friends a great deal of spots to sit. As you layout and layout your residing spaces, think about how you can make as much entertaining space as attainable. A sectional is a fantastic way to produce a dialogue room while subdividing a home. Lots of company in a natural way gravitate toward the kitchen area, so make certain that it is clear and practical. Adding stools to a kitchen area island can turn this central place into a sitting down place. 

Out of doors Lights

As we get closer to daylight cost savings, we will not have as a lot pure daylight for as many hrs. Mild up your yard place and make it usable and livable with these a few lightings:

  • Seat Wall Lighting – a fantastic way to employ lighting all-around spots that your friends commonly sit and take it easy
  • Perfectly Lights – a delicate way to illuminate particular features within your out of doors dwelling space
  • Cascade Lights – the fantastic mixture of ambiance and security in a elegant, however rugged style and design

When generating a lights layout to highlight outdoor spaces, it is essential to benefit from fixtures that not only convey warmth to your place, but also present just the ideal amount of gentle and security for you and your company. 

Fireplace Pits

fall fire pit









Because the pandemic started, transportable fireplace pits have been a staple of house enhancement additions. This is not the only fireplace pit alternative however. Heat lamps and long-lasting backyard fireplace pits are also options for property owners wanting to derive that form of pleasure from their prolonged room. They are great for s’mores and events, and they make your house additional appealing to purchasers if you determine to provide. Even a compact urban property or patio can take care of a fire pit. From basic hearth bowls and Diy projects to elaborate customs models with crafted-in bench seating, there is positive to be a fire pit that matches your price range. 

Drop into the Season

Prepared for the leaves to improve hues and the days starting to be shorter? Have your fall dwelling advancements finished by the holiday seasons with the enable of Dwelling Health professionals. We know how crucial it is to impress household and guests. Produce cozy and welcoming areas with us now! 888-HOUSEDOC

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